The Best Way to Decorate My Home Is According to What Science Has to Say

Who needs real estate magazines or home improvement TV shows when you can use psychologists’ research?

Color of the Walls

Consider the color of your walls. People often think of blue as a color that makes them feel calm and relaxed, and there is some evidence that it might even help reduce stress. Maybe you should paint your room blue.

But if you study at home, you might want to choose a more reddish color because that color has been linked to better concentration. The same study that found blue makes people more creative also found that at least one wall in that room should be blue.

The psychology literature is clear about choosing your furniture: you should go for a curved look and avoid straight lines and hard edges. People tend to find curved shapes more beautiful and relaxing. This is also true for the way rooms and buildings are made. Curvy shapes make the parts of the brain that deal with pleasure work harder, so if you can make the layout of your home a little more curved, that’s another thing to think about.

Bigger Windows

Of course, many of us wish our homes were bigger and had more space. This is also backed up by proof from the real world. We have bigger windows and making a room more rectangular than a square can make it feel bigger (you could use furniture to provoke this effect).

If you can, try to set up your room to see as much green space as possible through the windows. This is healthy for you.

Lastly, bring greenery inside if you don’t have a view of the greenery outside. Even though houseplants probably don’t do much to clean the air, there is much evidence that they are suitable for your mental health. For example, they can make redecorating less stressful.

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