Do You Know? Mint and Peppermint Are Two Different Types of Mint

Mint is one of the most popular herbs in the kitchen because it can be used to treat and heal.

Each kind of mint has a different taste. One of the main ways to tell the different types of mint apart is how much menthol they have.

Is There A Significant Difference Between Peppermint And Mint?

Mint is a general term for plants in the Mentha family, while peppermint is a cross between watermint and spearmint. Peppermint tastes the most like menthol and has the strongest flavor of all the mints. Peppermint is a type of mint plant. It is a subspecies of the mint family. It is a part of the mint plant collection as a whole.

There could be as few as 13 mint species or as many as 24. It depends on how picky you are. Peppermint is a mix of different kinds of mint, so it isn’t even a pure sub-variety of mint. This makes it especially hard to do this. It’s like a wild branch of the Mentha Piperita, a bigger type. But if you want to know where the commercial version of peppermint came from, you might be able to trace it back to spearmint and watermint. Peppermint has a much higher concentration of menthol than spearmint does. On the other hand, watermint has no menthol in it at all.Mint is just a general name for any plant with the same strong flavor, general leaf shape, and flowering pattern as the up to 24 different species that make up the mint genus.

The main difference between peppermint and mint is how strong they smell and taste. If you want a strong mint taste, choose peppermint. Peppermint has been used for therapeutic purposes because it has a strong scent and a distinct flavor. It is also used in the area. It is boiled down to make oil, or its extract is squeezed and mixed with other plant oils to make a fragrant lotion.

Mint plants tend to be calmer than peppermint plants, and mint is used more often in food and cooking. You can taste their unique flavor in Vietnamese spring rolls and Indian chai. It also goes well with some kinds of soup. Mint leaves are often dried, broken up, and mixed with other spices.

Peppermint is often used in perfumes and dishes with a strong mint flavor.

Peppermint has 40 percent more menthol than its parent spearmint, which only has about 1 percent. If a meal or dessert needs a stronger minty taste, peppermint is good. Spearmint is a good choice if you want to add a hint of mint with a sweeter flavor without making your food taste too strong.


The main difference between mint and peppermint is that peppermint has a stronger flavor than other mint plants. Because of this, it is not often used in cooking as a fresh herb.

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