Decorate Your Reading Space With These 5 Ideas!

When thinking about reading, the second thing that comes to mind is where to read after deciding what to read.

Here are five things that have helped me search for the ideal place to read.

Arrangements for Seating

Most likely, you should start where you are sitting. Some people find it easier to read at their desks, on their beds, in bean bags, on the floor, and many other places. I think you should try out some new places and positions. You might find that the best place to be is the most unexpected one. (I have been known to lie on the floor with my legs against the wall.)


Some people like to be near things that they want to look at. When you’re done reading a specific part of a book, it’s nice to look at something and think about what you just read. Things like pretty curtains, candles, plush toys, or even tapestries could be on that list. ( My favorite decor is my anime figurines.


You might think that readers would prefer to read in silence, but some people, like me, need background noise or “white noise” to read. Readers find it helpful when different sounds around them, like rain, city sounds, smooth jazz, birds tweeting, or other animal noises. I think you should go to YouTube and check out the different background noises to see if any of them catch your attention and make you want to pick up that book. R&B is my favorite genre.


Smells affect how you feel and what you want. It smells like cinnamon buns, lavender, vanilla, and grass and can help relax and calm the brain, so it’s ready for a more relaxing activity. Did you know that some grocery stores use these smells to get you to buy their products? Yeah, me either. I think you should find some scented candles or sprays that you like and then put them near where you read. (I used to have an excellent oil diffuser, but now that I have pets, I can’t use it.)


Some people also wouldn’t think about this when deciding where to read. But, like the smell, it can also change your mood. Too little light can make it hard to focus on what you’re reading and strain your eyes. But too much light can do the same thing. I think you should turn off your regular lights and buy some softer lighting. Fairy lights, LED strips, lamps, and curtain lights can all help create this mood. I also think you should try to get natural light if your spot is near a window.

Alright! Now you have everything you need to read. I hope that whatever world you jump into is a good one. Enjoy your books!

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