6 Ideas for Bringing Natural Light Into Your Apartment

A bright apartment makes the space look bigger, but it also makes it feel more open and cozy. There are many ways to light a room, but nothing is better than natural light.

Interior designers like to use natural light because it has many benefits for families and homeowners. In addition to cutting down on electricity use during the day, letting in natural light can also help the body get more vitamin D, make people more productive, and feel better overall.

Not every apartment has a lot of natural light and big windows, which is a shame. But don’t worry. There are many ways to let natural light into your home.

Reorganize and Reduce in Size

Having more miniature furniture and decorations is a simple way to let more natural light into your home. When you clean up your apartment, you’ll realize how big it is. And if there aren’t many things in the way, you can let more light into your home. If you can’t get rid of the big furniture, you can also move it away from doors and windows to let more light in.


You can’t change the layout of the inside of your apartment like you can with an average house. That means you can’t fix your lighting problems by putting in skylights. Before moving to a home with a yard, you can try this method without changing. If you have an opaque panel door in your apartment, you can replace it with a floor-to-ceiling window and a glass door, or you can leave it empty (you can’t replace your main door with a glass door because you don’t want people to come in and spy on your private life?). This makes it easy for light to move from one place to another.

Set Up a Mirror

Do you know how mirrors make a room look bigger? It’s a great way to let natural light into your home! If you live in an apartment with low ceilings, you can use the sun’s rays by buying a big mirror and hanging it on the wall. Mirrors can reflect sunlight from outside the window and spread it between the four walls to make the room brighter. This is the same as opening a window and gives your home a sense of depth. On the other hand, you can buy furniture with mirrored edges or a metallic sheen to bring in natural light. Put a mirror opposite the window to make the light twice as bright!

Light and thin

If you want your home to be brighter, get rid of heavy fabrics like velvet and brocade. These curtain fabrics tend to make a room feel dark, dreary, and small. Instead, choose lighter fabrics like cotton and linen that let in a lot of light.

Use Neutral Tones

The more light is reflected, the lighter the color. The same idea holds here! Instead of using dark, bold colors, paint the walls and furniture in cool, neutral colors like white, gray, cream, or beige. This makes the room look bigger and brighter. To let light bounce around the room, paint the ceiling lighter than the walls.

Bigger Windows Brighten a Home

This is the most obvious way to let more light into your home, and it may also be the most expensive. Picture windows are a good choice if you want to make your windows bigger. They let in a lot of light, fresh air, and beautiful views (depending on where you live).

Make sure to glaze the windows, or your house could become a microwave!

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